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Villa de Leyva, declared a National Monument and Heritage Town of Colombia. It stands out among the preferred destinations in Colombia, for its colonial architecture, the mountains that frame it, the climate of about 18 ° on average, in addition to being one of the most chosen places to hold various cultural events of high cultural impact and being a film reference. This town in Boyacá, desert at first sight, was once covered by sea waters.

It is a municipality with more than +120 hotels and more than +100 restaurants.

Villa de Leyva is CINEMA, Art, Music, History, Heritage, People, Gastronomy and Magic.

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Aviation Rokatur

Discover Villa de Leyva

Hispaniola Boutique Hotel

Villa de Leyva Boutique House

Plaza Mayor Hotel

Balconies of Villa de Leyva

The site of the Guaca

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